Archie Veale

Another year of remarkable students pass through PDMS to gain experience

By Hannah Wild on 23rd April 2018

Each year, PDMS welcomes students, from all ages and stages of their education, into our Isle of Man and Glasgow offices to gain valuable work experience through the summer holidays…

…This summer we welcomed four paid interns who have worked with us in a wide variety of roles within the company, to better their knowledge of the technology industry and enhance their career prospects.  As they leave us to start, or return to, their studies we took the opportunity to find out more about the interns of 2017.

Erin Dunn, Marketing

Erin Dunn, Marketing

After completing a placement with PDMS in 2016, Erin Dunn returned to the Glasgow office for a second year on a 12 week placement, before beginning her final year of Public Relations at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen this September. Erin quickly settled into the Marketing Department to work alongside the PDMS Employed team, assisting with multiple projects including product platforms for Opportunities Fife and Opportunities South East.

Returning to PDMS gave Erin an opportunity to build on her previous placement and to further develop her skills in a team she was familiar with; “I really enjoyed seeing how far these platforms have developed since the previous year.  It was great being involved from their early stages, and I really enjoyed helping to add content and information. It feels great knowing that I helped achieve a great outcome for our clients.”

Before Erin left us, we asked how she’d found her summer with us; Erin said, “I really enjoyed spending my summer with PDMS. The knowledge and confidence I’ve gained from my experience in this friendly office environment, will definitely benefit me, not only in my next two years of university, but beyond.”

Manuel Alaminos Dominquez, Software Development Intern

Manuel Dominguez, Software Development

Accompanying Erin in the Glasgow office, Manuel joined PDMS for a six week placement, following the completion of his HNC in Web Development at Edinburgh College. Manuel is due to start his 2nd year of Web Design and Development at Napier University this September. Working in the Quality Assurance department with the PDMS Employed team, Manuel’s focus has been on the PDMS Employed product. His responsibilities include ensuring the platform continues to meet PDMS’ high quality standards, by testing for any bugs and recommending improvements to the software. Going the extra step, he has also created a series of demo data for showcasing the product to clients for training and product demonstrations. Manual commented “I really like the application we are working on, it is very positive to work on software that you know could help thousands of people, if not more.”

PDMS first met Manuel at a hackathon held in partnership with Edinburgh College. Impressing us with his out-of-the box thinking, Manual secured a place in the Glasgow office this summer.

A more unusual placement, Manuel worked remotely from his home in Edinburgh most of the time, however we still ensure everyone under our roof (and not!) is well looked after. Despite working remotely, Manuel still looked forward each week to popping into the Glasgow office to interact with the team and catch up with his team leader, Richard Graham!

Manuel pointed out how he enjoyed working with the team, despite being in Edinburgh most of the time! “Something that surprised me is how the company is geared up to support remote working. They are very serious and passionate about their work, but chilled and friendly in the offices at the same time. The work environment is superb. I really hope I can come back to work for PDMS again.”

Some advice from Manuel to anyone looking to gain work experience, “For anybody that would love to live the same experience as me, my only tip is to get out there! Go to hackathons, meet ups, college/universities employer’s day, etc. It will pay back!”

Archie Veale, Product Specialist

Archie Veale, Product Specialist

Archie joined the Isle of Man office in July after completing his A Levels with Castle Rushen High School, before heading off to University of Salford to start his first year (of Orthotics and Prosthetics) this September. For his eight week placement with PDMS, Archie has been working closely with the PDMS Employed team as a Product Specialist. Key responsibilities included researching how organisations and business owners can utilise the platform, and how their needs can be better met through the product. A significant project for Archie was the transformation of workflows and forms within PDMS Employed – shifting predominantly paper-based and time-consuming manual processes into streamlined, easily accessible online services – creating a more efficient environment. This project has been important in helping to automate Government services and to allow focus and time to be spent where they are better used.  Archie commented, “Employed is a great platform which is simple to use, I have been able to create some quite complex forms and workflows from only basic training. However, if did come across an issue, there is always a member of the team who will guide me to the solution.”

Before saying goodbye, we asked Archie if he had enjoyed his summer with PDMS; Yes! Everyone is very friendly, welcoming and helpful. It is a great environment to work in and I hope that the staff here will welcome me back for future summer placements.”

Stephanie Dunne, Business Analyst

Stephanie Dunne, Business Analyst

After finishing her first year of A Levels, Stephanie joined PDMS in August on a four week placement with the Employed team in the Isle of Man through Career Ready, an internship scheme linking employers to schools and colleges, providing an insight into the world of working in Information Technology to young people.

Stephanie has been investigating how we can help users utilise the reporting elements of PDMS Employed, commenting; “My favourite part of the placement has been seeing what it’s like to be in a work environment and being able to identify new skills that I have learnt and to further develop  existing ones.”

During her placement Stephanie has gained an insight into the role of a Business Analyst. It’s wonderful to hear how much she has enjoyed the placement and how it has led to Stephanie wanting to develop her analysis skills to progress towards a career as a Business Analyst in the future.

With aspirations to continue pursuing a career in technology, Stephanie mentioned; “I knew that I wanted to work in IT and this internship has made me more confident in my career choice.”  Following on from her successful participation in the Career Ready scheme, Stephanie has now secured a place on the Manx ICT Association’s (MICTA) Apprenticeship scheme.


The team at PDMS have really enjoyed working with our interns and providing an insight into the wide range of diverse career opportunities available in the technology sector.

As a company, we are supportive of any activities which help young people gain relevant knowledge, skills and experience in the workplace and regularly welcome students from the Island’s secondary schools into the company on work experience placements.  In fact, we currently administer the Island’s school work experience for year 10 which is managed through our platform.

In addition, we also support the Manx ICT Association’s Apprenticeship scheme which was launched last year. Rob Blenkinsop will soon be completing his first year of a two year placement in our Infrastructure team whilst Thomas Clague has just joined us as our second MICTA Apprentice.

If you’d like to find out more about internships, work experience or careers at PDMS, please drop us a line at [email protected]