My first ever work placement: PDMS

By Ruaridh Stickland on 20th September 2018

Once my National 5 exams were over, I decided a summer work placement was the way to go: I’m 15 years old and attend a comprehensive school in Bearsden, Glasgow and to give me a better insight into the working world, PDMS seemed like a very good opportunity.

Like a lot of kids my age, I don’t know what I want to do once I leave school, so apart from the obvious: earning some money for the summer, I was really keen to experience working within an office environment, especially as I perceived all offices to be like the drama series ‘Suits’ with a Harvey Spector running the show, and a Lewis Litt annoying everyone (not to mention working 24/7)!  Well I couldn’t have been more wrong: PDMS is more relaxed, and everyone seemed really eager for me to settle in and enjoy the few weeks I spent over the summer.

I was asked to get involved in work from different departments in the Company, which gave me some understanding of what they do.  Website design is something a lot of kids my age are interested in, and I was pleased when I was given a small task on such a project.  I was also asked to analyse, and give my opinion on two different sites and give an honest review of both.  They were aimed at people who are looking to find out about universities and colleges, and that particularly interested me as it will be a useful tool for me once I leave school.

My summer holidays are not all about working though, and I enjoy sports, particularly running and swimming, but being a millennial kid, I love computers, gaming and programming, so this office was quite a good fit.  But to sum up my experience at PDMS, I can admit I’ve really enjoyed it a great deal, and grateful to everyone for making me feel welcome.  I feel I have gained invaluable work experience and learned a few new office skills, more importantly I have dispelled my picture of every office functioning like the American drama Suits!  The only negative I can find was working in the same building as my parents, which was not ideal, but then again that’s another story…