Hannah Work Experience PDMS - Graphic Design

My PDMS Work Experience Placement

By Hannah, Work Experience student - Graphic Design on 8th April 2019

Hannah joined PDMS’ graphic design team for a week’s work experience as part of her school placement. She shares her experience with us: 

When the time came to select a placement for work experience, I didn’t really know where I wanted to go at first. However, I knew that I wanted to go somewhere within the computing area, more specifically into web design. I’m currently studying Digital Applications and ICT, as well as languages French and Spanish, at St Ninian’s High School for my GCSEs in 2020. So, I have two choices for my future; I can go down the language route and become a translator or interpreter, travelling the world and working in different countries. Or I can take a walk down the computing path and become a graphic designer, perhaps working for some of the world’s best companies like Apple or Microsoft – which could also take me around the globe too. After a lot of thinking, I decided to choose computing for a career path, it’s one of my strengths and I enjoy doing it. I think my work placement at PDMS has definitely shown me that this is the best choice for my future.

I was working in the graphic design area of PDMS with a great team – Georgia, Jim and Nick – who made sure that I was settled in right from the Monday morning when I arrived at the company. Everyone is very nice and welcoming at PDMS, always asking me if I needed any help with anything and always checking on me to make sure that I was okay. There is also a very relaxed working environment which I really liked, although I wasn’t expecting it. I’ll admit that I was quite scared that it would be quite strict as I was working in an office, with people shouting, ‘Do this now!’ and ‘Get working!’. But my expectations were wrong. There is nobody shouting at anyone or acting like they’re ‘the boss’, everybody is very laid-back and friendly, whilst also getting the job done.

During my work placement, I designed, developed and edited a website for Isle of Man Construction using Photoshop and Illustrator and also created a logo for a cycling team on the island, which they liked! Make sure to look out for it, it’ll be out on the jerseys soon!  Doing these projects has given me more of an insight into what graphic designers do, what it’s like to work in that area and it’s also shown me what I could do with my life. Hopefully, I will eventually become a graphic designer!

I really enjoyed my experience at PDMS, and I’m very grateful to all of the staff in the office who took care of me throughout the week and helped me along the way. I met some great people and learnt a lot of new skills which will help me later on in my future. And who knows, maybe I’ll be working in America designing the graphics for the iPhone 100 (I mean, they’re never gonna stop are they?)

SNHS work experience students; David, Hannah and Philana
Hannah was joined by SNHS students David and Philana who completed placements with the Development and Marketing teams respectively