Philana – My week with the employed.im team!

By Philana, Work Experience student - Marketing on 1st May 2019

Philana Lunn, Marketing SNHS Work Experience

Philana joined PDMS’ Marketing team for her Year 10 work experience placement. Below she shares her experiences working on PDMS’ employment and skills plaftorm – employed.im.

Since the beginning of your work placement, how have you enjoyed it? What was your favourite part of this experience and why?

This week has been a lovely experience as I have learnt a lot from working with PDMS. I enjoyed my placement because I had the opportunity to accomplish a wide range of tasks that I hadn’t imagined doing. I must say my favourite part of the week was going out to interview different students and finding out information about how they were enjoying their work and how they were managing.

Talk us through an average day here, were you busy throughout your work so far? Were you faced with any challenging tasks? If so, how did you manage the tasks given?

An average day at PDMS for me was reviewing the placements that students were on last week, and contacting their employer to arrange to interview the student about their placement. I then would visit the students to interview them about how their placements were going.

On the first couple of days, I struggled to understand what PDMS was and how my work for employed.im fit into the business. As the days progressed it became easier for me to understand what I was working on and how I was going to do it.

My first two interviews took were on the third day where I met the students at their workplace and took their photos. One of the challenging tasks that I faced was writing-up the interviews – as a result of me missing out on so much school work, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to word anything correctly but it fine fine as I had a lovely group of staff helping me if I had any questions or problems.

On the final day some of the team from PDMS took the three of us (St Ninians students on work experience) to Cycle 360 for lunch to end a challenging yet great week.

What new skills have you developed whilst on your placement?

During this work placement I believe I have built my confidence, at the beginning I was frightened to interview the students, however, Hannah and Carrie (Marketing & employed.im team) had made me feel comfortable doing this. I also have developed my written communication as there has been a lot of writing involved in this placement.

Has this experience been the way you were expecting, or had it been the opposite?

When I choose PDMS as a placement, I had already had a bit of an idea of what marketing was, as my cousin, Danielle, works in marketing. My expectations about going into work was that I was going to be working on advertising and looking at how press releases are formed. I thoroughly enjoyed the work I did during the week and I feel very fortunate to have had this experience as I was kept very busy throughout the week.

Has work experience given you some idea of what you might like to do in the future?

Marketing is something I really hope I will work in when I am older. PDMS has shown me that there is a wide variety of marketing areas which I am grateful to have been shown. I hope if I do get into marketing, I will be working with a wonderful friendly team like this one. So, in conclusion, I do think that marketing will be best for me.

Do you have any advice for students who are doing work experience next year?

My advice to a new student going into a new placement is that if you really want to pursue in a career but you are worried that it will be challenging just give it a try! There will always be someone right beside you that will help as much as they can. You may even surprise yourself, I know I did!

This article was written by Philana Lunn during her work experience placement with PDMS, March 2019. See the original article at employed.im

SNHS work experience students; David, Hannah and Philana
Philana was joined by SNHS students David and Hanah who completed placements with the Development and Graphic Design teams respectively